About Us

Welcome to the themes marketplace where you can view a wide collection of professionally designed Joomla templates which are available to purchase and download directly from the website.

Why did we setup the marketplace?

The purpose of the website is to provide people with a one stop shop for the best templates available for the latest version of Joomla.

We understand it can frustrating visiting website after website searching for a great theme to build a website which is why we believe the marketplace is great way of showcasing the best designs available on the internet for Joomla.

Why should you purchase a Joomla template at the themes marketplace

  1. All the templates are compatible with the latest verison of Joomla!
  2. Each theme listed at the website is fairly priced based on the quaility of the template and support provided by the web designer.
  3. We are very selective about who can open a shop at the marketplace. We do our research first to ensure only trusted designers with a good track record can open a shop at the website. This ensure only the highest quality themes are listed by web designers at the marketplace.
  4. We only list Joomla templates which are fully responsive and are 100% mobile friendly.
  5. All Joomla templates come with a quick start installer or website demo installer to ensure you can quickly setup an exact copy of the theme and website.
  6. All the Joomla templates are fully supported by the web designers.

Web designers why should you sell your Joomla templates at the marketplace

  1. You get free marketing and promotion for the themes you have designed.
  2. You have nothing to loose, it takes only a few minutes to open a shop at the website and list your themes for sale.
  3. We offer great rates of commision. You get 80% for every Joomla template sold at the website which is a great deal compared to other marketplaces.
  4. We don’t watch over you like a hawk as other marketplaces do. once your account is approved you can add, update and remove themes  anytime you like.
  5. The website is simple to use.
  6. You can upload and list your theme for sale in a matter of minutes.
  7. We offer fast payouts via paypal.com for the themes sold at your shop